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I help businesses elevate their brand presence through meaningful, illustrative design.  Deriving imagery from your brand story is a passion of mine, and I love working with unique businesses that allow me to turn that special narrative into a work of art.

illustrator.  designer.  dog lover.

Hi, I'm Vicky.

Mariana, TrueSelves Therapy

Vicky was a dream to work with!

She helped me get really clear about my strengths and what makes my business unique, as well as who my target audience is.



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World Weddings Films

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Cured Candle Co.

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TrueSelves Therapy

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Are you looking for a brand that inspires, creates connection, and makes for some really, really great aesthetics?  You're in the right place.  I help business owners design the brand of their dreams, then build on those elements to create all your extra needs.  Packaging, signage, menus, merchandise - all fully customized and ready for production.

Branding design services

The Signature Package

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I see it time and time again - someone invests thousands of dollars in a branding design service, but only ever uses the primary logo.  Check out this blog post that sheds light on the bigger picture that is your brand.

Why Your Logo Isn't Your Brand

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I've used a lot of programs and tools over the years, so I've curated a list of my very favorites for both graphic designers and small business owners alike!  Check it out.

My Favorite Tools for Small Business Owners


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What is a brand?  Take a look at this list of visual elements and their brief descriptions that form a functioning brand identity.

Brand Identity Checklist


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