5 Reasons To Consider an Illustrated Brand

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Ever since I was little, I have loved the work of illustrators. I remember hanging onto a Richard Scarry storybook well after I outgrew its stories because I loved the linework of the drawings. It can be easy to understand the value of an illustrator in a children’s book. What’s a children’s book without the pictures? But there are so many other valuable ways illustration can be used as a tool for a much larger picture, including branding. Here are five 5 reasons why you should consider an illustrated brand for your small business.

5 reasons why you should consider an illustrated brand for your business

1. It focuses on storytelling.

When you hire a brand designer to illustrate your brand, you’re hiring them to tell your story. My favorite thing about small businesses is they’re infused with different passions that guide the mission for their business. Every owner has bits of their own story they hope to include in their brand. Maybe you started a café to pass down your grandmother’s recipes. Maybe you opened up a coffee shop because of the community you found in your favorite local coffee spot. Or maybe you began a nursery because you inherited your aunt’s passion for gardening. Every business has a story to be told, but oftentimes gets lost on the about page in a three-sentence paragraph. By permeating your story throughout your brand, your customers can establish a personal connection with you through your narrative. This connection builds trust, which is a key factor in building long-lasting customer relationships.

2. It’s more engaging.

You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s proven that imagery is more engaging than text alone. Research shows that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words! A thoughtfully illustrated brand grabs the attention of customers and draws them to further engage with your business. They’re also better able to interpret what your business is and how it can serve them. If your brand is confusing and your customer is unsure of why they should care about your business, they will quickly move on. Lastly, an illustrated brand makes your business more likely to be remembered.

3. It attracts ideal clients.

An illustration is a beautiful form of art that carries a very distinct style. Because of its unique flair, your brand’s voice is clearly conveyed through any illustration work used in its design. This characteristic makes it easy to attract your ideal client. When design is used to attract core customers it can convert a coincidental passerby to a raving fan in a matter of seconds, all through creating a good first impression. Not only that, a uniquely illustrated brand design can help provide a better overall experience for your customer. Their experience with your business will dictate whether they continue purchasing your goods or services and referring your brand to others. It’s all about how you make them feel, and cultivating an environment that fits your ideal customers through design is a way to keep them coming back for good!

4. It feels more authentic.

Handdrawn illustrations have a softness to them that gives an authentic, personal touch to the brand. The slightly imperfect lines and attention to detail all help build the appearance of a warm and inviting small business. This aesthetic sets small businesses apart from the rigid graphics used by other big-box companies. Handdrawn elements are often used to set the tone for the quintessential, local feel we have all come to love by our favorite downtown shops and restaurants. Doing so helps to inspire heartfelt feelings of authenticity to aid in further building trust in valued customers.

5. It easily translates to merchandise

While not every business has a need for merchandise, I have found a majority of my clients that benefit from an illustrated brand, do. When establishing a local brand, branded merchandise goes a long way in helping the business to appear more credible, generate more exposure, and build customer support. Leveraging a brand that easily translates to anything from t-shirts to mugs is a huge plus!

An illustrated brand may not be the right fit for every business, but there is no denying that there are some serious benefits to consider! Are you looking at an illustrated brand for your business? Let’s connect!

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