Why You Should Hire A Brand Designer

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Why you should hire a brand designer

You may already understand the importance of brand design, and how it can be a a powerful marketing tool that helps attract your ideal customers. But in a world full of so many ways to create your brand (Canva templates, pre-made Etsy logos, friends who know how to use Photoshop) why should you hire a professional brand designer? Here’s why it’s worth the investment:

1. Exclusivity. Logos made on Canva or purchased pre-made from Etsy or other markets are used over and over again. These non-exclusive logos can’t be trademarked. Cookie-cutter logos are also not made with you and your business in mind and hold little meaning behind them.

2. Uniqueness. When you hire a brand designer they push your creative limits and help you think outside the box. They don’t copy what you found on Pinterest, creatives are the original Pinterest! A brand designer also guides you through the process of discovering your brand voice and learning your target clientele to create something that matches your brand personality.

3. Expertise. Our knowledge extends past ‘what looks pretty.’ There is a strong understanding of file types, why you shouldn’t use Photoshop to create your logo, extensive studies in typography, what makes a good color palette, and we explore your brand in-depth with you before beginning the design process.

4. Education. Creating your own brand can get frustrating and confusing. A brand designer exports all the files for you and teaches you how to use them so you’re ready to successfully use your brand!

There are so many cheaper and quicker options out there, but your end product will reflect that. If you’re passionate about your business, it’s worth the investment!

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