Wedding Planner Brand: Betty Jane And Co.

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Betty Jane & Co. primary logo

Today I’m so excited to share the new brand design for Dallas-Fort Worth based wedding planner, Betty Jane & Co. We’ve been working on this brand since last October, and owner and lead planner, Betsy Browning, and I are so excited to share her new look!

When Betsy began describing her vision for the brand, the main component we built it around was a special hat she had. This old red hat had been an antique store find on a day out shopping with her mom. As we talked more about her vision it became more apparent the meaning the hat held for her! The hat has come to symbolize the special bond between her and her mom, much like the one that is shared between a mother and daughter on her wedding day. It also reflects the action of starting new family traditions and new family heirlooms. The character of the hat also resembles a vintage feel that matches the style of weddings she works with.

Primary logo for wedding planner Betty Jane & Co.

Other elements that Betsy wanted to evoke in the brand was an elegant look to match the feel of her weddings. Additionaly, she wanted to showcase her keen attention to detail.

We carefully scoured through many scripts before landing on this one that embodied the above description. We also selected a serif for a more clean appearance against the script.

The Betty Jane & Co. color palette is the perfect combination of elegance with a pop of personality. With red as the anchor point, we selected several neutral tones of grays and creams to pair with it. Lastly, we added a dusty blue to contrast the red. I love the “something blue” feel it gives off by this addition.

All in all, the brand for this wedding planner includes a primary logo, four different secondary logos, an icon, and at least seven additional submarks and illustrations. It’s been so fun watching this brand come full circle. Betsy has such a warmth to everyone she meets and I’m so glad we were able to partner together. If you are looking for a wedding planner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond (she travels!), look no further.

You can find Betsy at or on instagram at @bettyjaneandco.

I hope you’re able to encounter the Red Hat experience for yourself!

Sincerely, Vicky

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