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It’s been a long time coming for this brand reveal with Michelle and Ivan of Texacali Farm! Their farm brand had me studying so many varieties of fruits and vegetables, and falling in love with the different textures, colors, and leaf patterns of each one.

I first met with Michelle and Ivan at the end of 2020, and at a Starbucks off I-30, they sat and told me about their love for cooking and fresh produce, and how that brought to their attention the need for more freshly grown fruits and vegetables in the area. From there, their dream for the Texacali Farm brand was born.

When describing their new brand, Michelle and Ivan wanted something with a very natural and local appeal. They also described a desire to include illustrations of a bluebonnet and California poppy to represent their home states. For them, these flowers were special in representing the melding of their different backgrounds.

First, to begin design work I started off with sketches on cardstock in pencil. Then, once finished with the sketches, I finalized the drawings with a micron pen. Lastly, the pieces were scanned into the computer and digitally configured inside Adobe Illustrator.

After several different drafts, we settled on the final primary logo defined by a badge-shaped border. The badge logo felt very reminiscent of an old vintage farm brand. The two state flowers intertwined at the bottom break up the clean lines and give the overall appearance of the logo a more organic feel.

Additional logos and submarks were made out of various illustrations of produce along with simple typography. We kept in mind potential future menus and packaging to help create these pieces.

It was a labor of love creating this garden-fresh brand design for Texacali Farm. If you’re in the Mesquite area, be sure to look out for their organic, homegrown goods at local farmers markets coming soon!

Sincerely, Vicky

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